Atlanta Falcons Contracts and Cap Hits

Player Age Contract Terms Avg. Salary Guaranteed Free Agent
Matt Ryan at Quarterback 28 6 yr/$113,750,000 $18,958,333 $42,000,000 2019
Roddy White at Wide Receiver 31 6 yr/$42,720,000 $7,120,000 $18,600,000 2015
Sam Baker at Left Tackle, Tackle 28 6 yr/$40,850,000 $6,808,333 $14,250,000 2019
Justin Blalock at Guard 29 6 yr/$38,400,000 $6,400,000 $16,000,000 2017
William Moore at Safety 28 5 yr/$28,250,000 $5,650,000 $14,000,000 2018
Jonathan Babineaux at Defensive Tackle 31 5 yr/$25,000,000 $5,000,000 $3,000,000 2014
Thomas DeCoud at Safety 27 5 yr/$17,500,000 $3,500,000 $4,000,000 2017
Stephen Nicholas at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker 30 5 yr/$17,500,000 $3,500,000 $5,000,000 2016
Julio Jones at Wide Receiver 24 4 yr/$16,183,750 $4,045,938 $16,183,750 2015
Asante Samuel at Cornerback 32 3 yr/$14,700,000 $4,900,000 $2,250,000 2015
Tony Gonzalez at Tight End 37 2 yr/$14,000,000 $7,000,000 $7,000,000 2014
Sean Weatherspoon at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker 25 5 yr/$13,982,500 $2,796,500 $7,567,500 2015
Harry Douglas at Wide Receiver 27 4 yr/$12,500,000 $3,125,000 $3,250,000 2016
Steven Jackson at Running Back 30 3 yr/$12,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 2016
Matt Bryant at Kicker 38 4 yr/$10,700,000 $2,675,000 $3,500,000 2015
Kroy Biermann at Defensive End, Linebacker 27 3 yr/$9,150,000 $3,050,000 $3,100,000 2015
Osi Umenyiora at Defensive End 31 2 yr/$8,500,000 $4,250,000 $5,000,000 2015
Peria Jerry at Defensive Tackle 29 5 yr/$8,460,000 $1,692,000 $5,710,000 2014
Desmond Trufant at Cornerback 22 4 yr/$8,164,750 $2,041,188 $6,946,375 2017
Jason Snelling at Running Back 29 3 yr/$4,000,000 $1,333,333 $1,075,000 2015
Peter Konz at Center 24 4 yr/$3,588,600 $897,150 $1,603,010 2016
Garrett Reynolds at Guard 26 2 yr/$3,443,750 $1,721,875 $500,000 2015
Robert Alford at Cornerback 24 4 yr/$3,401,398 $850,350 $1,482,744 2017
Akeem Dent at Inside Linebacker, Linebacker 25 4 yr/$2,767,900 $691,975 $542,900 2015
Lamar Holmes at Right Tackle, Tackle 24 4 yr/$2,633,600 $658,400 $533,600 2016
Corey Peters at Defensive Tackle 25 4 yr/$2,567,000 $641,750 $767,000 2014
Malliciah Goodman at Defensive End 23 4 yr/$2,557,088 $639,272 $397,088 2017
Mike Johnson at Right Tackle, Tackle 26 4 yr/$2,537,224 $634,306 $642,224 2014
Levine Toilolo at Tight End 22 4 yr/$2,460,584 $615,146 $300,584 2017
Joe Hawley at Center 24 4 yr/$2,423,180 $605,795 $483,180 2014
Stansly Maponga at Defensive End 22 4 yr/$2,346,740 $586,685 $186,740 2017
Jonathan Massaquoi at Defensive End 25 4 yr/$2,268,860 $567,215 $168,860 2016
Jacquizz Rodgers at Running Back 23 4 yr/$2,231,000 $557,750 $191,000 2015
Bradie Ewing at Fullback 23 4 yr/$2,209,192 $552,298 $184,192 2016
Zeke Motta at Safety 23 4 yr/$2,205,896 $551,474 $45,896 2017
Sean Renfree at Quarterback 23 4 yr/$2,205,896 $551,474 $45,896 2017
Kemal Ishmael at Safety 22 4 yr/$2,205,896 $551,474 $45,896 2017
Charles Mitchell at Safety 23 4 yr/$2,201,672 $550,418 $101,672 2016
Travian Robertson at Defensive Tackle 24 4 yr/$2,145,896 $536,474 $45,896 2016
Matt Bosher at Punter 25 4 yr/$2,135,800 $533,950 $95,800 2015
Cliff Matthews at Defensive End 24 4 yr/$2,087,000 $521,750 $47,000 2015
Shann Schillinger at Safety 27 4 yr/$2,065,114 $516,279 $125,114 2014
Dominique Franks at Cornerback 25 4 yr/$2,001,050 $500,263 $211,050 2014
Theo Goins at Guard 24 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Saeed Lee at Cornerback 22 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Joplo Bartu at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker 22 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Darius Johnson at Wide Receiver 20 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Neal Huynh at Defensive Tackle 23 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Brian Banks at Inside Linebacker, Linebacker 28 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Martel Moore at Wide Receiver 22 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Terren Jones at Left Tackle, Tackle 21 3 yr/$1,485,000 $495,000 $0 2016
Harland Gunn at Guard 23 3 yr/$1,445,000 $481,667 $0 2015
Josh Harris at Long Snapper 24 3 yr/$1,442,500 $480,833 $2,500 2015
Dominique Davis at Quarterback 24 3 yr/$1,442,000 $480,667 $2,000 2015
Phillip Manley at Guard 23 3 yr/$1,440,000 $480,000 $0 2015
Adam Nissley at Tight End 25 3 yr/$1,440,000 $480,000 $0 2015
Antone Smith at Running Back 27 2 yr/$1,425,000 $712,500 $65,000 2015
Kevin Cone at Wide Receiver 25 3 yr/$1,245,000 $415,000 $0 2014
Robert James at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker 29 3 yr/$1,245,000 $415,000 $0 2014
Josh Vaughan at Running Back 26 2 yr/$1,200,000 $600,000 $0 2015
Jacques McClendon at Guard 25 2 yr/$1,200,000 $600,000 $0 2015
Terrence Johnson at Cornerback 27 2 yr/$1,200,000 $600,000 $0 2015
Chase Coffman at Tight End 26 2 yr/$1,170,000 $585,000 $0 2014
Robert McClain at Cornerback 25 2 yr/$1,020,000 $510,000 $0 2014
James Rodgers at Wide Receiver 24 2 yr/$900,000 $450,000 $0 2015
Pat Schiller at Inside Linebacker, Linebacker 24 2 yr/$900,000 $450,000 $0 2015
Andrew Szczerba at Tight End 25 2 yr/$900,000 $450,000 $0 2015
Peyton Thompson at Cornerback 22 2 yr/$900,000 $450,000 $0 2015
Micanor Regis at Defensive Tackle 23 2 yr/$900,000 $450,000 $0 2015
Drew Davis at Wide Receiver 24 2 yr/$870,000 $435,000 $0 2014
Patrick DiMarco at Running Back 24 1 yr/$480,000 $480,000 $0 2014
Ryan Schraeder at Left Tackle, Tackle 25 - $0 $0 -
Adam Replogle at Defensive Tackle 22 - $0 $0 -
Alex Savoie at Right Tackle, Tackle 23 - $0 $0 -
Ronnie Wingo at Running Back 22 - $0 $0 -
Paul Worrilow at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker 23 - $0 $0 -


From the start, the selection of the site of the Falcons new Billion Dollar stadium has been a political process.  Anyone that has been in Atlanta for more than a few years knows that we have our own brand of southern politics.  Here, Kasim Reed has made a concerted effort to insert himself in the process and impose his will that the stadium be built on the smallish "South Site," despite some obvious shortcomings.

Critics have characterized this process as a "land grab" for the mayor's own benefit and his interest in creating momentum for the long stalled Multi-Modal Train/Bust station. 

Despite the fact that this questionable project has been on the minds of Atlanta politicians for over 20 years, Reed is insistent.   
Conversely, although it is .5 miles away from the Dome MARTA station, many Atlanta residents (and Falcons' fans) claim the North Site to be superior in every way since it will be easier to get to with more tailgating space and a better view if the city.

More, it is only 500 yards from the Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park.  The development of that part of the city has much greater potential.

For his part, Arthur Blank seems hesitant to wade into this political morass.  At a forum Wednesday morning, Blank was non-committal when asked if he would contribute to the purchase of Mount Vernon Baptist Church to enable construction of the new stadium on the "South Site" along Martin Luther King Drive.

Blank said the decision on where the stadium could be located - the South Site more preferred by the city and the Falcons, or the North Site along Ivan Allen Boulevard - should be made within the next couple of weeks.

Stay Tuned!


NFL Power Rankings Week 16

Randy Moss pic
Oldies but Goodies! 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss catches a touchdown pass  from Colin Kaepernick, 49ers won 41-34 (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

All 14 NFL games on week 15 observed a moments of silence to remember the victims of the tragic Connecticut elementary school shooting. After the somber mode, business as usual for teams on NFL playoff picture hunt for week 16. The San Francisco 49ers solidified their Super Bowl hunt by clinching the playoff berth and place among the NFC's elite by edging the New England Patriots 41-34 on prime time Sunday Night Football.

But Denver Broncos earned the respect they deserve as Peyton Manning ruthlessly teared down the Baltimore Ravens' defense in a dominant win at M&T Bank Stadium. With New England Patriots suffering a 41-34 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, Denver now has a clear path to a first-round bye an AFC No.1 or 2 playoff seed.

Green Bay Packers looked very much like the 2010 championship team during a 21-13 victory over Chicago, their eighth win in the past nine games and clinching the NFC North. Texans clinch AFC South with 29-17 win over Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts.

Here's the NFL Power Rankings Week 16:
1. Denver Broncos 11-3 The AFC West champions snagged their 9th consecutive win at the expense of routing the Ravens. The Broncos, who can still capture the top seed in the conference, finish with home games against Cleveland and Kansas City. Playoff picture week 16: AFC No.1 seed and a bye week rest. Ranking 2 to 1

2.  Atlanta Falcons 12-2 Falcons turned in their most well-rounded performance of the season with the playoffs approaching with 34-0 rout over the defending Super Bowl champ Giants. Playoff picture week 16: NFC No.1 seed with a bye week rest.

3. Houston Texans 12-2 The Texans clinched the division for the second straight year with a 29-17 victory over Indianapolis. Texans playoff picture would be AFC No.1 and 2 seed.

4.   San Francisco 49ers 10-3-1 The red and gold clinch playoff spot by trouncing the New England Patriots at their home turf! The 49ers own at least a wild-card spot and play at Seattle next week with a chance to win the NFC West. A loss would bring the division race down to the final weekend. Playoff picture week 16: NFC playoff second seed which give them a bye week rest.

5. Green Bay Packers 10-4 Green Bay clinched its second straight NFC North title with a 21-13 victory over the archrival Chicago Bears on Sunday. Playoff picture week 16: NFC playoff second seed and bye week rest Ranking 6 to 5

6. New England Patriots 10-4 AFC East champion New England have seen their seven in a row game ended by 49ers. Tom Brady being MVP front-runner was stained after failing a 28-point comeback. Playoff picture week 16: AFC playoff third or fourth seed.

7. Seattle Seahawks 9-5 Seahawks playoff push continues running to win the NFC West but 49ers wins Sunday over Patriots. They return home on Week 16 to host division-leading San Francisco 49ers in what has become a key showdown. Seahawks playoff picture could be at least NFC Wild card or No.3 seed. Ranking 10 to 7

8. Washington Redskins 8-6 Without Robert Griffin III who is hurt, backup rookie QB Kirk Cousins kept Washington's winning streak and playoff hopes intact. Redskins target NFC East title by winning their last two games at Philadelphia and hosting Dallas. Ranking 12 to 8

9. Indianapolis Colts 9-5 The Colts had won three straight games and needed a win to clinch a playoff berth but Andrew Luck couldn't do much against the inspired Houston defense. AFC wildcard is an option with Week 16 and 17 at Kansas City then Houston. But Colts exceeded already all expectation year after going 2-14 in 2011.

10. New York Giants 8-6 Giants loss to Falcons dropped them into a first-place tie with Washington and Dallas in the NFC East. Their last two games against Baltimore and Philadelphia is a must win. Playoff picture week 16: NFC East title and Wildcard. Ranking 7 to 10

11. Baltimore Ravens 9-5 Ravens lost to the Broncos, their third straight. Despite the defeat, the Ravens qualified for the playoffs when Pittsburgh lost to Dallas on Sunday night. That gave the Ravens a wild-card berth, but they hope to enter the postseason as division champions with tough NY Giants and Bengals on Week 16 and 17 respectively. Playoff picture on week 16 could be AFC No.3 or 4 seed. Ranking 8 to 11

12. Dallas Cowboys 8-6 Cowboys win push them into a three-way tie for first place in the crazy interesting NFC East with the Giants and Redskins with two games left in the season in a must win versus New Orleans and Washington. Playoff picture week 16: NFC East title that could give them third seed or wild card. Ranking 13 to 12

13. Cinncinati Bengals 8-6 These Bengals makes AFC North interesting, with Steelers and Ravens loss they are on wild card and fighting for division title if they can beat this two division rivals in their last two games.

14. Minnesota Vikings 8-6 Vikings bionic running back Adrian Peterson has season-best 212 yards might win the comeback player of the year! Beating Peyton Manning? Playoff picture: Vikings still in the hunt for NFC Wildcard if Seattle lost on Week 16 versus 49ers. Ranking 18 to 14

15. Chicago Bears 8-6 Bears free fall continues with third straight loss. Chicago lost some ground in the race for the last wild-card spot in NFC. Ranking 11 to 15

16. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-7 The Steelers lost for the fourth time in five games and trail AFC North rival Cincinnati by a game for the second wild card spot on playoff picture. Steelers host the Bengals in a must win next week then Cleveland after. Ranking 15 to 16

17. New York Jets 6-7 The Jets plays the Titans on Monday Night Football, If Tim Tebow starts and win that could make Rex Ryan more bad.

18. St. Louis Rams 6-7-1 Rams three wins in a row was snapped by the Vikings so as seriously damaging their postseason hopes. Rams playoff picture is in shambles.

19. New Orleans Saints 6-8 Saints recorded their first shutout in 17 years in a 41-0 rout of Tampa Bay on Sunday, and spoiling the Buccaneers playoff hopes. Ranking 22 to 19

20. Miami Dolphins 6-8 Dolphins ranked near the bottom of the league in points and yards, had a season-high 26 first downs and won for only the second time in the past seven games.

21. Cleveland Browns 5-9 Cleveland's three-game winning streak was snapped by Redskins together with their playoff hope as well. Browns is on the right track something they can build on for next season.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-8 Their loss to the Eagles proved to be painful. Saints 41-0 rout of Tampa Bay extend the Buccaneers' losing streak to four games. The Bucs are out of playoff picture. Ranking 18 to 22

23. Arizona Cardinals 5-9 Arizona's first victory in 2 1/2 months came a week after laying an egg on 58-0 embarassing loss in Seattle.

24. Tennessee Titans 4-9 Titans could have a rough finish to 2012 facing NY Jets tonight Monday Night Football

25. Buffalo Bills 5-9 Buffalo were mathematically eliminated from playoff picture for a 13th season - the NFL's longest active drought.

26. San Diego Chargers 5-9 Clinched not the playoff but their first losing season since 2003, when they were an NFL-worst 4-12. Coach Norv Turner is expected to be fired at season's end, most likely along with general manager A.J. Smith. Ranking 23 to 26

27. Carolina Panthers 5-9 Carolina won consecutive games for the first time but too bad it happens in December.

28. Detroit Lions 4-10 For the Lions that made the playoffs a year ago and missing this year with Matthew Strafford, Megatron Calvin Johnson and the dirtiest, cheapest player in the NFL DT Ndamukong Suh are just maddening. Ranking 25 to 28

29. Oakland Raiders 4-10 Raiders finally ended up on the winning end. If only they could play the Kansas City Chiefs more often. Ranking 30 to 29

30. Philadelphia Eagles 4-10 Reid led the Eagles to nine playoff appearances, six division titles and five NFC championship games in his first 13 years. But the Eagles will miss the playoffs for the second straight year and owner Jeffrey Lurie already said 8-8 would be ''unacceptable.'' Bye Andy. Ranking 27 to 30

31. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-12 QB Chad Henne is not Superhero after all. The Jaguars tied the franchise record for losses, set in their inaugural 1995 season.

32. Kansas City Chiefs 2-12 Chief's only win since September came the day after linebacker Javon Belcher killed his girlfriend before committing suicide at the team's practice facility. Now they are running for the 2013 No. 1 overall NFL draft pick.


Friday December 14, 2012 7:04 PM

Julio Jones prefers low profile for Falcons

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) - Julio Jones isn't interested in discussing his accomplishments.

Bravado isn't his style.

"I've been like this my whole life,'' Jones said Friday. "This is the way I am.''

Jones' transformation into a professional receiver with the Atlanta Falcons started at Alabama, where Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban enforced a businesslike approach to practice and film study.

But Jones said he was soft-spoken long before he signed a scholarship at Alabama.

Growing up in the small town of Foley, Ala. - about 25 miles southeast of Mobile and 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico - Jones learned at an early age that performance meant far more to him than words.

"You let your play do the talking out there on the field, man,'' Jones said. "I'm not going to say anything negative about the next man I'm going against, you know? I'm just going to go out there and give it my all for 60 minutes.''

When the Atlanta Falcons (11-2) host the New York Giants (8-5) on Sunday, Jones could move into a bigger role and become quarterback Matt Ryan's top target.

Roddy White, the team's leading receiver, has a sore right knee and did not practice this week.
If Jones becomes Ryan's primary option, the second-year wideout says he is prepared for the challenge. But don't expect Jones to pound his chest or do some fancy dance in the end zone.

"I just go out there and try to perform and be consistent for this organization,'' Jones said. "Especially being in the NFL, it's all about consistency and working hard. Everybody is athletic here in the NFL. It's all about continuing to try to get better.''

As the NFL's sixth overall draft pick last year, Jones was scrutinized as a golden child of sorts.
Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff sent Atlanta's No. 27 spot in the first round to Cleveland and gave the Browns a second- and fourth-round pick in 2011 and a first- and fourth-round spot this year to acquire the 6-foot-3, 220-pound Jones.

Despite missing three games last season with hamstring injuries, Jones averaged 17.8 yards and scored eight touchdowns on 54 catches.

Through as many games this year - 13 - Jones already has 63 catches for a 15.8 average and seven touchdowns - but the statistics mean very little to him in the context of his team's success.

"It's never affected me,'' Jones said. "I just go out there and play. I told you before. I can't go out there and be Superman, you know? They traded up to get me and everything because they see the potential.''
The 23-year-old Jones even decided during the offseason to give himself a new look, too, cutting off his beloved dreadlocks and donating the effort to "Locks of Love,'' a national cancer charity.

The haircut, he soon believed, better fit his straight-man persona. Plus, Jones said he wanted no part of trying to match the outspoken White, a four-time Pro Bowl selection who rarely lets his swagger down in conversation.

"What I appreciate about Julio is that he listens and tries to get better every day,'' Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said. "He listens to what (receivers coach) Terry (Robiskie) tells him, and I think Julio is influenced by Roddy and Matt, two really good role models that are teammates, and what those guys say to him. I think Julio has become a much more consistent player throughout this year.

When he's healthy, he's a guy that you think can break the game open at any time.''
Jones appreciates, though, how the fun-loving White showed him how to succeed on the field without letting the job become tedious.

It has helped, too, having 16th-year tight end Tony Gonzalez, the NFL's No. 2 career-leaving receiver, as a teammate.

"Maybe on a lot of teams, if you're the No. 1 guy, you could be bored with it, you know?'' Jones said.

"But here you've got all these guys to keep you up, and they tell you to keep pushing. Especially coming from a Hall of Fame tight end like Tony - he's been in the game so long and he keeps doing it.''
Jones still marvels at how hard the 36-year-old Gonzalez works in practice.
"It shows you the way not to be bored out there and keep getting better,'' he said. "Catch balls, catch balls. Muscle memory.''


Giants vs. Falcons: Atlanta Finally Shows the NFL How Good It Can Be

By Falcons Country Guest Blogger Knox Bardeen 

 December 16, 2012

Hi-res-158433754_crop_exact Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon responded with one word when asked if Sunday’s 34-0 win was a little bit of payback from last year’s 24-2 playoff loss.

“Zero,” said Weatherspoon, without the hint of a smile.

Weatherspoon wasn’t saying there were no feelings of one-upmanship. He was inferring the exact opposite and pointing to Sunday’s scoreboard.

“It wasn’t about the win,” said the team’s weakside linebacker once the game was safe in the fourth quarter. “It was about keeping that zero up there.”

Keeping that zero on the scoreboard wasn’t the only moral victory of Sunday’s win. The Falcons showed the rest of the league just how good they could play.

Quarterback Matt Ryan was 23-for-28 with 270 yards and three touchdowns. He also broke his own franchise record for passing yards in a season and is now at 4,202.

The running back corps—Michael Turner, Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers—combined for 126 yards on the ground and helped the offense open up passing lanes because of its effectiveness running the football.

But the defense was the big story.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning was held to just 161 yards and picked off twice. His quarterback rating was 38.9. His first pass of the game was bobbled, then taken out of the air by cornerback Asante Samuel.

“This team thrives off  of momentum,” said Samuel. “I just used my God-given ability to make plays for my team and put the offense in the best position to score. This was our best game we’ve put together so far.”

Atlanta’s defense held the Giants to just a 40 percent success rate on third downs and stopped New York three times on short-yardage fourth-down plays.

Weatherspoon said after the game that he was surprised Giants head coach Tom Coughlin continued to attempt to go for it on 4th-and-short. He said he would have taken the points in those situations because every time the Falcons stopped them on fourth down it helped build momentum.

“It’s like they were saying ‘We’re better than you,’” said Weatherspoon.

On Sunday the Giants were not even close to being better than the Falcons.

In fact, this is as close to playing like a 12-2 team as the Falcons have played all year. This 34-point shellacking of the Giants should put the rest of the NFL on notice.

If the Falcons play like this in the playoffs, no one will be able beat them.